Larry Oblivion is dead, more specifically a zombie, brought back against his will. He runs a very well established PI agency and is the second most famous PI in the Nightside, after John Taylor.

Larry Oblivion: The Dead Detective, the Post Mortem Private Eye.

He has two brothers Tommy Oblivion and Hadleigh Oblivion.

How does he feel about being a zombie?Edit

"I don’t sleep. I’m cold all the time. When I touch something, it feels like I’m wearing gloves. I never get tired, never get out of breath, never feel anything ... that matters. I can’t feel any of the things that make us human. No advantages are worth that."

But he is afraid of what comes after, because he did a bad thing in his youth and until he knows it is safe he will keep going.


Larry, in his youth, committed a truly horrible act and, as a result, refuses to truly die until he can make up for it. He was tricked into opening a Hell gate and releasing Queen Mab, one of the oldest and most vicious of the Elves, from the Pit.

Mab and all the elves are the enemy of humanity and would like nothing more than to see humans wiped off the face of the Earth.


As a member of the walking dead, Larry can take damage that would otherwise kill a mortal man. He never sleeps, never gets tired, and feels very little.

He also has an Elven wand he uses. Gained from a truly evil act, the wand allows Larry a modicum of control over Time. He has stopped Time in order to defeat a mob and sped up time around a mummy in order to destroy it.

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