The golden Drood-Torc it is a metal ring around the necks of all Droods. It grands the second sight, protection from every tracing-action (technical and magical) and protection against any mental attack. Furthermore it is the source of the legendary Droodarmour which gives the bearer enormous strength, speed and hyper sensitive senses. The armour slides out of the Torc and covers the body like a second skin, someone who wears it is almost indestructible, can make yourself invisible and much more

Once the Torc was granded from the Heart, a powerful otherdimensional and evil entity, but the Heart and thus all the torcs were destroyed by Eddie Drood who found out what the power came form. Then to get a Torc from the Heart you had to sacrifice your own twin.

But Eddie find a new good otherdimensional entity that was even stronger than the Heart, it was the strange matter. At first only Eddie got the new silver Torc but soon the other Droods got a torc too and the colour was changed in gold. There wasn't a price anymore to pay except to amuse the strange matter which called itself Ethel. From there on the Drood-Torc and armour were much more flexible and every armour-shape or thing was possible as long as you can imagine it. For exsample forming things like swords out of the armour or hacking a computer with it.

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